Astrological Generations: Saturn Signs of Millennials

Astrological Generations: Saturn Signs of Millennials

In episode 275 astrologer Kirah Tabourn joins the show to talk about the concept of dividing groups into of people into generations astrologically, and looking at the different sub-generations of millennials based on their Saturn sign.

At the start of discussion we talk about how modern astrologers divide different demographic cohorts based on what sign of the zodiac Pluto was in when they were born, such as the Baby Boomer generation that tended to coincide with Pluto in Leo.

Later we focus on the millennial generation in particular, which tend to have Pluto in Scorpio, and discuss how it can be divided into sub-generations based on the sign that Saturn is located in.

This discussion is based on a series of articles that Kirah wrote on her blog last summer on the Saturn signs of millennials.

Kirah is the host of a new astrology podcast called The Strology Show, which you can find on her website:

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