The Casual Astrology Podcast

The Casual Astrology PodcastThe Casual Astrology Podcast is a monthly podcast that is available to patrons of The Astrology Podcast who support the show on the $10 tier through our page on Patreon.

This series features bonus episodes and exclusive discussions that are only available to supporters, as a benefit for those who help to support the production of the show.

There is at least one episode of the Casual Astrology Podcast that is released each month, and each episode is around an hour long.

Episodes sometimes consist of monologues by Chris Brennan, discussing recent research, work that he is doing in the field of astrology, or extended commentary on recent episodes of The Astrology Podcast, while other times episodes feature casual discussions or interviews with other astrologers about miscellaneous astrological topics.

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Episodes of the Podcast

Here is a list of all of the episodes of the Casual Astrology Podcast that have been released so far, with links to where you can find them on our page on Patreon.

In order to unlock the posts you must sign up to become a patron on the $10 tier.

You can also see all of the episodes at a glance via the Casual Astrology Podcast tag.

  1. First Episode of the Casual Astrology Podcast
  2. Consultation Complications and Vocational Uncertainty
  3. Similarities Between Hellenistic and Indian Astrology
  4. Are the Astrological Organizations Insular or Outdated?
  5. Adam Elenbaas on Traveling to to India for a Conference
  6. Glenn Perry Sidereal Zodiac Lecture Commentary
  7. Talking with Sam Reynolds about Community Issues
  8. Birth Chart Reading and Approach Comparison with Adam Sommer
  9. Interviews from the United Astrology Conference: Part 1
  10. Interviews from the United Astrology Conference: Part 2
  11. Biographical Interview of Chris Brennan by Adam Elenbaas
  12. Kelly Surtees on Structuring Natal Astrology Consultations
  13. Sect: The Difference Between Day and Night Charts
  14. Solar Return Reflections on Chris’ Birthday
  15. Denver Astrology Group 2019 Forecast Panel
  16. Cam White on Building an Audience on YouTube and Twitter
  17. Incorporating Natal Charts Into Electional Astrology
  18. Zodiacal Releasing Chart Reading Demonstration
  19. Drunk Astrology
  20. Moving Into A New Podcast Studio
  21. Astrological Discrimination and Emphemeris Gatekeeping
  22. Reception as a Mitigating Factor in Natal Astrology
  23. Reflecting on Recent Travels to Europe
  24. Trigger Warnings for Chart Examples?
  25. Common Issues in Applying Zodiacal Releasing
  26. Ancient Aliens and Abu Ma’shar
  27. Conducting Astrological Consultations in Person, with Joy Vernon
  28. Pet Astrology
  29. 2020 Astrology Forecast Panel at the Mercury Cafe
  30. Astrology Talk on New Year’s Eve 2020
  31. Gender Balance, Picatrix Reflections, and Negative Predictions
  32. Arielle Guttman on Venus Cycles and Phases
  33. Commentary on Alan White’s Intro to Hellenistic Lecture
  34. Conferences, Conspiracy Theories, and Covid, with Moses Siregar
  35. Astrology Memes, Trad Chads, and Comedy with Sylvi Osland
  36. Chris’ NORWAC 2020 Forecast Panel Talk
  37. Preparing for the Noel Tyl Episode
  38. Translating Ancient Texts, with Levente László
  39. Talking About Traditional and Modern Astrology with Aliza Kelly
  40. Reflecting on August 2020 Episodes + Live Q&A
  41. Finding an Auspicious Election for the Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction