Relationship Placements in the Birth Chart

Relationship Placements in the Birth Chart

Episode 243 is a recording of a workshop led by astrologers Chris Brennan and Leisa Schaim about interpreting relationship indicators in the birth chart.

This is a recording of a local meeting of the Denver Astrology Group, and it was meant to be an introductory overview to some of the techniques that astrologers employ when looking at relationships through the lens of natal astrology.

There are three primary areas that we focus on for relationships in the birth chart:

  1. Planets in the 7th house
  2. The ruler of the 7th house
  3. The condition of Venus


During the course of the meeting we demonstrate the techniques by sharing some celebrity and client example charts from our private files, and several members of the audience also shared their personal birth charts so that we could hear how certain placements have worked out in the lives of individuals directly.

This episode of the podcast acts as sort of a companion to other episodes we’ve done on relationships in the past, such as:

๐Ÿช The Outer Planets and Relationships with Kay Taylor

๐Ÿช Synastry: The Astrology of Relationships with John Green

๐Ÿช Composite Charts, with Originator John Townley

๐Ÿช Sexual Orientation and Astrology with Christopher Renstrom

๐Ÿช Lynn Bell on the Astrology of Family Dynamics

๐Ÿช Relationship Astrology for Modern Times, with Jessica Lanyadoo

There are some concepts that we only mention in passing in this episode, since they have been touched on in other episodes, and also since this was just meant to be a more basic technical introduction.

We would also recommend checking out some of the previous workshops we’ve done recently, such as the one on the annual profections timing technique, or the workshop on interpreting where transiting eclipses fall in your birth chart.

To learn more about the approach to astrology demonstrated in this workshop, check out Chris’ online course on ancient astrology, or Leisa’s lectures on annual profections and sect.

This episode is available in both audio and video versions below.

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